This Metaphorical Bar

This Metaphorical Bar ep 19: Pregnancy in Fiction

July 10, 2020

Authors Robyn Fleming, Karen Healey, and Carla M. Lee discuss pregnancy in fiction, with plenty of stories from Robyn's experiences and horrified responses from Karen and Carla. Summary of the episode and all show notes can be found at

Content note: Body horror, vomiting

This episode originally recorded April 2019.

Who We Are

Karen: I’m Karen Healey, a writer and teacher in Christchurch New Zealand and I may have eaten my twin in the womb

Robyn: I’m Robyn Fleming, a writer and parent in Tucson, Arizona. I have been pregnant twice, which makes me the foremost expert in this podcast. 

Carla: I’m Carla M. Lee, an author, artist, and attorney in the Midwest USA, and I have never and will never be pregnant. I love everyone in this metaphorical bar.

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