This Metaphorical Bar

This Metaphorical Bar ep. 18: Comfort Media

June 26, 2020

Authors Robyn Fleming, Karen Healey, and Carla M. Lee discuss the media they consume when they need comfort. Summary of the episode and all show notes can be found at

This episode was recorded on May 31, 2020, in the middle of another publicized outbreak of police violence and brutality captured on video in the USA and in New Zealand, specifically violence and brutality against Black people. This episode is about media we consume in times of crisis, media that can help us find a moment of comfort so that we can keep fighting.

The number of Black people murdered by police continues to rise, and we must continue to fight. This Metaphorical Bar stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in the USA and around the world. We have donated money to bail funds and Black community resource groups and have volunteered when able. No life can matter until Black lives matter, and we encourage our non-Black listeners to fight for Black lives. All Black lives. Trans Black lives. Queer Black lives. Disabled Black lives. Black lives in all their forms. 

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