This Metaphorical Bar

This Metaphorical Bar ep 17: Writing Process

February 14, 2020

Authors Robyn Fleming, Karen Healey, and Carla M. Lee discuss how they write, how other authors write, and how there's no One True Way. Summary of the episode and all show notes can be found at

Who We Are

I’m Robyn Fleming, a writer and parent in Tucson, Arizona. I threw a birthday party with 28 children in attendance last weekend, and I am still recovering.

Carla: I’m Carla M. Lee, an author, artist, and attorney in the Midwest USA, and I once answered a question Karen asked me and then told her she’d interrupted make-outs. She thought I meant real make-outs. I meant writing make-outs. I can safely say I would not interrupt real make-outs to answer a text.

Karen: I’m Karen Healey, a writer and teacher in Christchurch New Zealand, and I once punched myself in the throat while trying to choreograph a fight scene.

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